A 350 MHz GBT Survey Of Unidentified Fermi Sources.

Priyadarshini Bangale, M. Roberts, M. McLaughlin, J. Hessels, M. Kerr, C. Fernando, S. Ransom, P. Ray

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract


We present initial results from a survey for radio pulsations of 50 Fermi LAT sources with no obvious counterparts and which were not in the Fermi LAT Bright Source List. The observations were performed at 350 MHz using the 4096 channel, 100 MHz bandwidth mode of the GUPPI backend on the GBT. The integration times were for 32 minutes, making this about an order of magnitude more sensitive than any large scale surveys of the Northern sky. The majority of the observations were towards sources that were off the Galactic plane. Radio searches of Fermi off-plane sources have found a remarkable number of millisecond pulsars, which not only suggests the majority of mid-latitude Fermi unassociated sources may be MSPs, but is greatly increasing the total number of known field MSPs. This is important for the detection of gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays....
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StatePublished - Mar 2010

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