Chapter 12: Geometry of large random trees: SPDE approximation

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In this chapter we present a point of view at large random trees. We study the geometry of large random rooted plane trees under Gibbs distributions with nearest neighbour interaction. In the first section of this chapter, we study the limiting behaviour of the trees as their size grows to infinity. We give results showing that the branching type statistics is deterministic in the limit, and the deviations from this law of large numbers follow a large deviation principle. Under the same limit, the distribution on finite trees converges to a distribution on infinite ones. These trees can be interpreted as realizations of a critical branching process conditioned on non-extinction. In the second section, we consider a natural embedding of the infinite tree into the two-dimensional Euclidean plane and obtain a scaling limit for this embedding. The geometry of the limiting object is of particular interest. It can be viewed as a stochastic foliation, a flow of monotone maps, or as a solution to a certain Stochastic PDE with respect to a Brownian sheet. We describe these points of view and discuss a natural connection with superprocesses.

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