Chaucer's queer touches / a queer touches chaucer

Carolyn Dinshaw

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    A two-page handout accompanied this talk at the UCLA conference, xeroxes of the cover and an inside two-page spread from the August 1993 issue of Vanity Fair. Because of an agreement with the models, the permissions editor for Condé Nast Publications maintained, these Herb Ritts photographs cannot be reproduced. Thus I am left to describe them here: on the cover, k. d. lang sits in a barber's chair, in a pinstripe vest and pants, white shirt, and striped tie, her lathered, blissed-outface and neck being shaved with a straight-edged razor by Cindy Crawford in a spread-legged, bent-kneed, back-arched, head-back, lip-parted pose. Cindy wears a black teddy and spike-heeled lace-up ankle boots. In the two-page spread, pages 94-95, Cindy stretches out and lingers over the half shaven recumbent k. d., their lips a breath away, k.d. 'shand on Cindy's bare thigh.

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    StatePublished - Jan 1 1995

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