Classically constrained gauge fields and gravity

Gregory Gabadadze, Yanwen Shang

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    We study gauge and gravitational field theories in which the gauge fixing conditions are imposed as constraints on classical fields. Quantization of fluctuations can be performed in a BRST invariant manner, while the main novelty is that the classical equations of motion admit solutions that are not present in the standard approach. Although the new solutions exist for both gauge and gravitational fields, one interesting example we consider in detail is constrained gravity endowed with a nonzero cosmological constant. This theory, unlike General Relativity, admits two maximally symmetric solutions one of which is a flat space, and another one is a curved-space solution of GR. We argue that, due to BRST symmetry, the classical solutions obtained in these theories are not ruined by quantum effects. We also comment on massive deformations of the constrained models. For both gauge and gravity fields we point out that the propagators of the massive quanta have soft ultraviolet behavior and smooth transition to the massless limit. However, nonlinear stability may require further modifications of the massive theories.
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    Article numberhep-th/0506040
    StatePublished - Jun 6 2005


    • hep-th
    • gr-qc

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