Constructive design of a hierarchy of semantics of a transition system by abstract interpretation

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We construct a hierarchy of semantics by successive abstract interpretations. Starting from the maximal trace semantics of a transition system, we derive the big-step semantics, termination and nontermination semantics, Plotkin's natural, Smyth's demoniac and Hoare's angelic relational semantics and equivalent nondeterministic denotational semantics (with alternative powerdomains to the Egli-Milner and Smyth constructions), D. Scott's deterministic denotational semantics, the generalized and Dijkstra's conservative/liberal predicate transformer semantics, the generalized/total and Hoare's partial correctness axiomatic semantics and the corresponding proof methods. All the semantics are presented in a uniform fixpoint form and the correspondences between these semantics are established through composable Galois connections, each semantics being formally calculated by abstract interpretation of a more concrete one using Kleene and/or Tarski fixpoint approximation transfer theorems.

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JournalTheoretical Computer Science
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StatePublished - Apr 28 2002

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