Contraindications in Physical Rehabilitation

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This essential handbook provides clinicians with a summary of contraindications and precautions to review before treating patients seeking physical rehabilitation. This detailed resource discusses all of the contraindications in one convenient source and includes the full range of interventions, ranging from physical agents to supportive devices to therapeutic exercises. Organized by ICD categories and referenced from multiple sources, with strong coverage of adverse events, this handbook helps to ensure safe practice. Provides crucial, easily accessible information to refresh therapists on contraindications that may not fall within their routine area of treatment. Covers the full range of interventions in detail, including the purpose of the intervention, mechanism, contraindications and precautions, rationale, and references. Helps ensure that practitioners do no harm, providing safer client care and addressing clients with pre-existing conditions. Uses terminology from The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, reinforcing the use of up-to-date language. Presents quality information from a highly renowned author, with evidence-based information throughout.

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PublisherElsevier Inc.
ISBN (Print)9781416033646
StatePublished - 2006

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