Correlates of depressive symptomatology among adult daughter caregivers of a parent with cancer

Victoria H. Raveis, Daniel G. Karus, Karolynn Siegel

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BACKGROUND. As a consequence of advances and changes in the detection arid treatment of cancer, increasing demands are being placed on familial caregivers of elderly cancer patients. Understanding the factors that place familial caregivers at risk of poor psychological outcomes and threaten their ability to provide adequate care is important for maintaining chronically ill patients in the community. METHODS. Dyads comprised of 164 cancer outpatients (ages 60-90 years) and their adult caregiving daughter completed structured telephone interviews. Hierarchical regression was used to determine the individual and cumulative effect of five domains of potential predictors on the daughters' depressive symptomatology (Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale [CES-D]). RESULTS. The domains that were shown to be significantly predictive of a daughter's level of depressive symptomatology were daughter sociodemographics, constraints on/facilitators of caregiving, and caregiver burden. The domains of disease/patient characteristics and the daughter's appraisal of the caregiving situation were not found to be significant. The total model suggests that having a health-limiting condition, a greater sense of filial obligation, and greater caregiver burden were correlated with higher CES-D scores, whereas having graduated college, having other social roles, having favorable attitudes regarding her caregiving experience, and providing care in a greater number of domains of care were correlated with lower scores. CONCLUSIONS. These findings demonstrate the importance of focusing on situational factors that may function to constrain or facilitate caregiving when investigating caregiver depression.

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StatePublished - Oct 15 1998


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