Current perspectives and the future of domestication studies

Greger Larson, Dolores R. Piperno, Robin G. Allaby, Michael D. Purugganan, Leif Andersson, Manuel Arroyo-Kalin, Loukas Barton, Cynthia Climer Vigueira, Tim Denham, Keith Dobney, Andrew N. Doust, Paul Gepts, M. Thomas P Gilbert, Kristen J. Gremillion, Leilani Lucas, Lewis Lukens, Fiona B. Marshall, Kenneth M. Olsen, J. Chris Pires, Peter J. RichersonRafael Rubio De Casas, Oris I. Sanjur, Mark G. Thomas, Dorian Q. Fuller

Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review


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Medicine & Life Sciences