Dana Declaration +10 workshop report 11-13 april 2012, Wadi Dana, Jordan

Dawn Chatty

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Mobile indigenous peoples have sustainably managed the land they live on for centuries. However, in the name of biodiversity conservation, some have been displaced, dispossessed and expelled from their traditional territories and left destitute and culturally impoverished. Lalji also noted that there are now three declarations that serve as guidelines and mandates for mobile peoples. These are the Dana Declaration, the Segovia Declaration and the Mera Declaration. Lalji also discussed briefly how the way of life of pastoralists and mobile indigenous peoples solved many of the current problems facing governments such as jobs, food security, food sovereignty and climate change. Dawn gave an overview of the basic principle of the Dana Declaration. Gonzalo Oviedo, Social Policy, IUCN, reiterated the need, expressed by several other participants, to move from the declaration to the challenges on the ground. Gonzalo confirmed the need to articulate some key elements of a policy framework that will facilitate an implementation of the Dana Principles within ten years.

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JournalNomadic Peoples
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StatePublished - Dec 2012

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