DUSEL theory white paper

S. Raby, T. Walker, K. S. Babu, H. Baer, A. B. Balantekin, V. Barger, Z. Berezhiani, A. de Gouvea, R. Dermisek, A. Dolgov, P. Fileviez Perez, G. Gabadadze, A. Gal, P. Gondolo, W. Haxton, Y. Kamyshkov, B. Kayser, E. Kearns, B. Kopeliovich, K. LandeD. Marfatia, R. N. Mohapatra, P. Nath, Y. Nomura, K. A. Olive, J. Pati, S. Profumo, R. Shrock, Z. Tavartkiladze, K. Whisnant, L. Wolfenstein

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    The NSF has chosen the site for the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) to be in Lead, South Dakota. In fact, the state of South Dakota has already stepped up to the plate and contributed its own funding for the proposed lab, see http://www.sanfordlaboratoryathomestake.org/index.html. The final decision by NSF for funding the Initial Suite of Experiments for DUSEL will be made early in 2009. At that time the NSF Science Board must make a decision. Of order 200 experimentalists have already expressed an interest in performing experiments at DUSEL. In order to assess the interest of the theoretical community, the Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics (CCAPP) at The Ohio State University (OSU) organized a 3-day DUSEL Theory Workshop in Columbus, Ohio from April 4 - 6, 2008. The workshop focused on the scientific case for six proposed experiments for DUSEL: long baseline neutrino oscillations, proton decay, dark matter, astrophysical neutrinos, neutrinoless double beta decay and N-Nbar oscillations. The outcome of this workshop is the DUSEL Theory White paper addressing the scientific case at a level which may be useful in the decision making process for policy makers at the NSF and in the U.S. Congress. In order to assess the physics interest in the DUSEL project we have posted the DUSEL Theory White paper on the following CCAPP link http://ccapp.osu.edu/whitepaper.html . Please read the white paper and, if you are interested, use the link to show your support by co-signing the white paper.
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    Article number0810.4551
    StatePublished - Oct 24 2008


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