Effect of a dietary supplement on peri-implant bone strength in a rat model of osteoporosis

Takahiro Takahashi, Takehiro Watanabe, Hiroshi Nakada, Yasuhiro Tanimoto, Suguru Kimoto, Dindo Q. Mijares, Yu Zhang, Yasuhiko Kawai

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Purpose: Osteoporosis contributes to impaired bone regeneration and remodeling through an imbalance of osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity, and can delay peri-implant bone formation after dental implant surgery, resulting in a prolonged treatment period. It poses several difficulties for individuals with large edentulous areas, and decreases their quality of life. Consequently, prompt postoperative placement of the final prosthesis is very important clinically. Peri-implant bone formation may be enhanced by systemic approaches, such as the use of osteoporosis supplements, to promote bone metabolism. We aimed to confirm whether intake of synthetic bone mineral (SBM), a supplement developed for osteoporosis, could effectively accelerate peri-implant bone formation in a rat model of osteoporosis. Methods: Thirty-six 7-week-old ovariectomized female Wistar rats were randomly assigned to receive a standardized diet with or without SBM (Diet with SBM group and Diet without SBM group, respectively; n = 18 for both). The rats underwent implant surgery at 9 weeks of age under general anesthesia. The main outcome measures, bone mineral density (BMD) and pull-out strength of the implant from the femur, were compared at 2 and 4 weeks after implantation using the Mann-Whitney U test. Results: Pull-out strength and BMD in the Diet with SBM group were significantly greater than those in the Diet without SBM group at 2 and 4 weeks after implantation. Conclusions: This study demonstrated that SBM could be effective in accelerating peri-implant bone formation in osteoporosis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)131-137
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Prosthodontic Research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 1 2016


  • Animal study
  • Bone formation
  • Implant
  • Supplement

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