Equation of state of gluon plasma and renormalization of local action

Daniel Zwanziger

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    We consider a local, renormalizable, BRST-invariant action for QCD in Coulomb gauge that contains auxiliary bose and fermi ghost fields. It possess a non-perturbative vacuum that spontaneously breaks BRST-invariance. The vacuum condition leads to a gap equation that introduces a mass scale. Calculations are done to one-loop order in a perturbative expansion about this vacuum. They are free of the finite-T infrared divergences found by Lindé and which occur in the order g6 corrections to the Stefan-Boltzmann equation of state. We obtain a finite result for these corrections. Renormalization and renormalization-group flow are described. We calculate the ghost propagator and color-Coulomb potential to one-loop and find that they are long range, whereas the 3-dimensionally transverse would-be physical gluon propagator is suppressed like k2 at small |k|. These one-loop results accord with the Gribov scenario in Coulomb gauge and with recent numerical determinations of these quantities. When the auxiliary fields are integrated out, one obtains the standard Coulomb gauge action with a cut-off at the Gribov horizon.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)127-143
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    JournalBrazilian Journal of Physics
    Issue number1 B
    StatePublished - Mar 2007


    • Gluon plasma
    • QCD
    • Spontaneous breaking of BRST

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