Establishing the criterion validity of an adapted dietary screener for Asian Americans amongst Chinese American adults

Lena Woo, Stella S. Yi, Agnes Park, Lu Hu, Lorna E. Thorpe, Pasquale E. Rummo, Jeannette M. Beasley

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Objective: To assess the criterion validity of a dietary screener questionnaire adapted for Asian Americans (ADSQ) compared to Automated Self-Administered 24-Hour Dietary Assessment Tool (ASA-24) food diary data amongst Chinese American Adults (CHAs). The ADSQ incorporated example ethnic foods from six Asian American groups. Lessons learned with respect to translating the ADSQ from English into Simplified Chinese were also documented. Design: Agreement between a two-day food diary (one weekend day and one weekday) and the ADSQ was assessed for vegetable, fruit, dairy, added sugar, fiber, calcium, and whole grain intake using paired t-tests to compare means and Spearman correlations to assess agreement between intake of food components. Setting: Data were collected online and via phone interviews. Participants: Thirty-three CHAs aged 19–62 years (63.6% female). Results: Mean differences were small for fruit, dairy, fiber, calcium, and whole grain intake, but were significantly different for vegetables and added sugar intake. Spearman correlations were < 0.5 and non-significant (p > 0.05) for all components. Both the ASA-24 and the ADSQ identified the same categories where CHAs intake is misaligned with dietary recommendations: whole grains, total fruit, and dairy. Difficulties were encountered in translating 13 out of 26 questions. Conclusions: The ADSQ may be a useful tool to identify intervention targets for improving dietary quality, but caution is warranted when interpreting vegetable and added sugar estimates. Differences in the English and Chinese languages underscore the need to take into account both literal translations and semantics in translating the ADSQ into other languages.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number145
JournalArchives of Public Health
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2023


  • ASA-24
  • Chinese american adults (CHAs)
  • Criterion validity
  • Diet assessment
  • Dietary screener

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  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health


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