General massive spin-2 on de Sitter background

Gregory Gabadadze, Alberto Iglesias, Yanwen Shang

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    We study linearized massive gravity on the de Sitter background. With a small-enough graviton mass this may have had relevance to inflation, or the present-day cosmic acceleration. Higuchi has shown that this theory has a ghost as long as the dS curvature exceeds the graviton mass, 2H^2 > m^2; this would entail rapid instabilities. In this work we extend the model and observe that the helicity-0 mode which is a ghost, can be turned into a positive energy state via kinetic mixing with the conformal mode. The latter gets restricted here by the requirement that the Bianchi identities be satisfied. This eliminates the ghost from the linearized theory. However, the spectrum still contains scalar tachyonic instabilities with the time scale ~1/H. This would have been problematic for the early univesre, however, may be acceptable for the present-day accelerated expansion as the tachyon instability would take the age of the universe to develop.
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    Article number0809.2996
    StatePublished - Sep 17 2008


    • hep-th

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