Groundwater resources investigation near Samorin using modelling method.

I. Mucha, P. Nemethy, P. Pospisil

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    The possibility of using the three-dimensional modelling method in groundwater resources research was verified by modelling the groundwater withdrawal near village Samorin. Simulation of pumping of 600lsSUB-SUB1 helped to verify the results of the hydrogeological investigation and to test the various alternatives of the water well system planning. One of them with the pumping amount of 2000lsSUB-SUB1 is given as an example. By treating the various alternatives it is possible to find the most suitable solution from the groundwater protection, the groundwater flow directions and the well distribuiton optimization aspects. The model requires data on the space distribution of hydrogeological parameters, filtration heterogeneity, boundary conditions and on all resources of infiltration or drainages. It requires, therefore, a perfect hydrogeological investigation as the results of modelling correspond to the input data quality. (A)

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)263-280
    Number of pages18
    Issue number3 , 1979
    StatePublished - 1979

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