Heterogeneous Computing: Hardware and Software Perspectives

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In the beginning was the single core ... Then we moved to multicore, before we are fully ready for it! Then GPUs appear in the scene, giving us very high performance for some type of applications ... What is next? How can we get more performance? The very near future will be the era of heterogeneous computing. We already have a glimpse of it now; you write code for multicore and GPUs together, right? As computer systems become more and more heterogeneous (cores of different capabilities, GPUs, application specific hardware, ...), writing efficient code for it becomes more and more challenging. What type of heterogeneity are we talking about? Why do we need this heterogeneity? How can we write software that makes the best use of that? ... These are the topics we will discuss in this talk.

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StatePublished - Jun 1 2016
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