History of the New York University Physics Department

Benjamin Bederson, H. Henry Stroke

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    We trace the history of physics at New York University after its founding in 1831, focusing especially on its relatively recent history, which can be divided into five periods: the Gregory Breit period from 1929 to 1934; the prewar period from 1935 to 1941; the wartime period from 1942 to 1945; the postwar period from around 1961 to 1973 when several semiautonomous physics departments were united into a single all-university department under a single head; and after 1973 when the University Heights campus was sold to New York City and its physics department joined the one at the Washington Square campus. For each of these periods we comment on the careers and work of prominent members of the physics faculty and on some of the outstanding graduate students who later went on to distinguished careers at NYU and elsewhere.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)260-328
    Number of pages69
    JournalPhysics in Perspective
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - Sep 2011


    • Alfred Lee Loomis
    • Allan C.G. Mitchell
    • Allen V. Astin
    • Arthur Roberts
    • Bruno Zumino
    • Clifford G. Shull
    • Daniel Webster Hering
    • David B. Douglass
    • Edward O. Salant
    • Elias Loomis
    • Eugene Feenberg
    • Francis A. Jenkins
    • Francis Wheeler Loomis
    • Frederick Reines
    • Gerald Goertzel
    • Gregory Breit
    • Hartmut Kallmann
    • Henry Draper
    • Henry Primakoff
    • Henry Vethade
    • James Arthur Lectures
    • James M. Mathews
    • Jenny Rosenthal Bramley
    • John A. Simpson
    • John A. Wheeler
    • John C. Draper
    • John C. Hubbard
    • John H. Van Vleck
    • John William Draper
    • Louis P. Granath
    • Morton Hamermesh
    • New York University
    • Norman Hilberry
    • Otto Halpern
    • Richard T. Cox
    • Robert S. Mulliken
    • Robert W. Wood
    • Samuel F.B. Morse
    • Serge Korff
    • Stanley H. Klosk Lectures
    • Theodore Holstein
    • University Heights campus
    • Washington Square campus
    • history of physics

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