Integrating hydrogen in single-price electricity systems: The effects of spatial economic signals

Frederik vom Scheidt, Jingyi Qu, Philipp Staudt, Dharik S. Mallapragada, Christof Weinhardt

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Hydrogen can contribute substantially to the reduction of carbon emissions in industry and transportation. However, the production of hydrogen through electrolysis creates interdependencies between hydrogen supply chains and electricity systems. Therefore, as governments worldwide are planning considerable financial subsidies and new regulation to promote hydrogen infrastructure investments in the next years, energy policy research is needed to guide such policies with holistic analyses. In this study, we link an electrolytic hydrogen supply chain model with an electricity system dispatch model. We use this methodology for a cross-sectoral case study of Germany in 2030. We find that hydrogen infrastructure investments and their effects on the electricity system are strongly influenced by electricity prices. Given current uniform single-prices in Germany, hydrogen production increases congestion costs in the electricity grid by 17%. In contrast, passing spatially resolved electricity price signals leads to electrolyzers being placed at low-cost grid nodes and further away from consumption centers. This causes lower end-use costs for hydrogen. Moreover, congestion management costs decrease substantially, by up to 20% compared to the benchmark case without hydrogen. These savings could be transferred into according subsidies for hydrogen production. Thus, our study demonstrates the benefits of differentiating economic signals for hydrogen production based on spatial criteria.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number112727
JournalEnergy Policy
StatePublished - Feb 2022


  • Congestion management
  • Electricity markets
  • Hydrogen
  • Nodal pricing
  • Power-to-Gas
  • Redispatch
  • Sector coupling

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • General Energy
  • Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law


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