R. W. Brockett, I. W. Sandberg, P. D. Gerber, L. O. Chua, B. L. Biehl, F. A. Lindholm, R. D. Peden, O. Mueller, A. M. Cook, J. G. Simes, N. O. Sokal, A. D. Sokal

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    Following is a continuation of list of titles and authors. Some Uses of Time Varying Realizations. By R. W. Brockett. Nonlinear Input-Output Model of a Multisectored Economy. By I. W. Sandberg. Quadratic Differential Systems and Their Application. By P. D. Gerber. On Some Aspects of Synthesis of Nonlinear Networks. By L. O. Chua. Evaluation of FET Models for CASA. By B. L. Biehl. Generation and Selection of Large Signal Dynamic Models for Bipolar and Field-Effect Transistors. By F. A. Lindholm. HF Transistor Power Amplifier Design Using Charge Control Theory. By R. D. Peden. Low distortion Wideband Transistor Power Amplifiers. By O. Mueller. Application of IC Components in the Design of Conventional AC Carrier Servo Systems. By A. M. Cook and J. G. Simes. Optimum Design for Efficiency of Tuned Single-Ended Switching Power Amplifiers. By N. O. Sokal and A. D. Sokal.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
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    StatePublished - Jan 1 2017

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