Intrinsic cutoff and acausality for massive spin 2 fields coupled to electromagnetism

Massimo Porrati, Rakibur Rahman

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    We couple a massive spin 2 particle to electromagnetism. By introducing new, redundant degrees of freedom using the Stückelberg formalism, we extract an intrinsic, model independent UV cutoff of the effective field theory describing this system. The cutoff signals both the onset of a strongly interacting dynamical regime and a finite size for the spin 2 particle. We show that the existence of a cutoff is strictly connected to other pathologies of interacting high-spin fields, such as the Velo-Zwanziger acausality. We also briefly comment on implications of this result for the detection of high spin states and on its possible generalization to arbitrary spin.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)174-186
    Number of pages13
    JournalNuclear Physics B
    Issue number1-2
    StatePublished - Sep 21 2008

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    • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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