Kinetically Locked-In Colloidal Transport in an Array of Optical Tweezers

Pamela T. Korda, Michael B. Taylor, David G. Grier

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    We describe measurements of colloidal transport through arrays of micrometer-scale potential wells created with holographic optical tweezers. Varying the orientation of the trap array relative to the external driving force results in a hierarchy of lock-in transitions analogous to symmetry-selecting processes in a wide variety of systems. Focusing on colloid as a model system provides the first opportunity to observe the microscopic mechanisms of kinetic lock-in transitions and reveals a new class of statistically locked-in states. This particular realization also has immediate applications for continuously fractionating particles, biological cells, and macromolecules.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    JournalPhysical Review Letters
    Issue number12
    StatePublished - 2002

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    • General Physics and Astronomy


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