Lagrangian dynamics of incompressible thermofluids

Marco Tessarotto, Claudio Cremaschini, Piero Nicolini, Massimo Tessarotto

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A key aspect of fluid dynamics is the correct definition of the phase-space Lagrangian dynamics which characterizes arbitrary fluid elements of an incompressible fluid. Apart being an unsolved theoretical problem of fundamental importance, the issue is relevant to exhibit the connection between fluid dynamics and the classical dynamical systems underlying incompressible and non-isothermal fluid, typically founded either on: a) a configuration-space Lagrangian description of the dynamics of fluid elements; b) a kinetic description of the molecular dynamics, based on a discrete representation of the fluid. The goal of this paper is to show that the exact Lagrangian dynamics can be established based on the inverse kinetic theory (IKT) for incompressible fluids recently pointed out (Tessarotto et al., 2004-2006, [4]). The result is reached by adopting an IKT approach based on a restricted phase-space representation of the fluid, in which the configuration space coincides with the physical fluid domain. The result appears of potential importance in applied fluid dynamics and CFD.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)182-187
Number of pages6
JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
StatePublished - 2009
Event26th International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics, RGD26 - Kyoto, Japan
Duration: Jul 20 2008Jul 25 2008


  • Kinetic theory
  • Navier-Stokes equations

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