Marx’s vision of communism: A reconstruction

Bertell Ollman

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    Recognition of the trends and their meaning has led to a renewed interest in Karl Marx's vision of the communist society. Marx construed his vision of communism out of the human and technological possibilities visible in his time, given the priorities that would be adopted by a new socialist society. The programs introduced by a victorious working class to deal with the problems left by the old society and the revolution would unleash a social dynamic whose general results, Marx believed, could be charted beforehand. Marx's communist society is in the anomalous position of being, at one and the same time, the most famous of Utopias and among the least known. The proletariat's victory is not completed with the revolution, but must be fought over and won again with all those leftovers of the old society whose hostility impairs the process of social reconstruction.

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    StatePublished - Jan 1 2019

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