Math1 is expressed in temporally discrete pools of cerebellar rhombic-lip neural progenitors

Rob MacHold, Gord Fishell

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We have utilized an in vivo-inducible genetic-fate-mapping strategy to permanently label cohorts of Math1-positive cells and their progeny that arise in the rhombic lip of the cerebellar primordium during embryogenesis. At stages prior to E12.5, with the exception of the deep cerebellar nuclei, we find that Math1 cells migrate out of the cerebellar primordium into the rostral hindbrain to populate specific nuclei that include cholinergic neurons of the mesopontine tegmental system. Moreover, analysis of Math1-null embryos shows that this gene is required for the formation of some of these nuclei. Around E12.5, granule cell precursors begin to be labeled: first, ones that give rise to granule cells that predominantly populate the anterior lobes of the adult cerebellum and later, those that populate progressing more caudally lobes until labeling of all granule cell precursors is complete by E17. Thus, we demonstrate that the cerebellar rhombic lip gives rise to multiple cell types within rhombomere 1.

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Number of pages8
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StatePublished - Oct 6 2005

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