Medical psychology in Canada

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This article discusses the state of medical psychology in Canada and explores some current controversies and challenges for the future of the field. The practice of psychology in Canadian medical settings is influenced by the country's universal healthcare system and by the need to provide adequate care to a diverse and widely dispersed population. Although Canada's licensing system does not include registration within specific subspecializations of psychology, the practice of health psychology has been growing over recent years, particularly in the areas of heart disease, chronic illness, pain, neurological disorders, rehabilitation, and stress management. Medical psychology has been especially influential in the fields of women's mental health and immigrant health. Current areas of controversy include the issue of prescriptive authority and the advent of the Psy.D. degree. Future challenges include providing adequate care to the country's underserviced rural areas and to the various aboriginal communities.

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JournalJournal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings
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StatePublished - 2001


  • Aboriginal health
  • Clinical training
  • Health psychology
  • Immigrant health

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