Microchemical systems for continuous-flow synthesis

Ryan L. Hartman, Klavs F. Jensen

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Microchemical systems have evolved rapidly over the last decade with extensive chemistry applications. Such systems enable discovery and development of synthetic routes while simultaneously providing increased understanding of underlying pathways and kinetics. We review basic trends and aspects of microsystems as they relate to continuous-flow microchemical synthesis. Key literature reviews are summarized and principles governing different microchemical operations discussed. Current trends and limitations of microfabrication, micromixing, chemical synthesis in microreactors, continuous-flow separations, multi-step synthesis, and integration of analytics are delineated. We conclude by summarizing the major challenges and outlook related to these topics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2495-2507
Number of pages13
JournalLab on a Chip
Issue number17
StatePublished - 2009

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  • Bioengineering
  • Biochemistry
  • General Chemistry
  • Biomedical Engineering


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