Non-Newtonian fluids in spout-fluid beds: Mass transfer coefficient at low Reynolds numbers

M. Z. Anabtawi, N. Hilal, A. E. Al Muftah, M. C. Leaper

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Following on from the work of Anabtawi et al. (2003), this study examined how the volumetric liquid-phase mass transfer coefficient, kLa, of oxygen in air in three-phase spout-fluid beds was affected by varying the system parameters of bed height, bed diameter, gas velocity, and liquid velocity. The liquid used was 0.1% CMC solution, displaying a pseudo-plastic rheology. with 1.75mm glass spheres as packing. The values of the Shenvood number were lower than in previous studies (Anabtawi et al., 2003), in the range 9,000-186,000. Gas velocity had a similar effect on kLa as in a bubble column, with results also giving good agreement with previous work on two-phase and three-phase spouted bed systems. The correlation obtained for the effect of liquid velocity on kLa compared well with that of Schumpe et al. (1989). An increase in the height of packing increased kLa to the power of 0.319, with an increase in column diameter also causing an increase in kLO, which is in agreement with the results of Akita and Yoshida (1973).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)391-403
Number of pages13
JournalParticulate Science and Technology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 2004


  • CMC solution
  • Fluidization
  • Mass transfer coefficient
  • Non-Newtonian systems
  • Spout-fluid bed
  • Three-phase systems

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  • General Chemical Engineering


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