Orthogonally self-assembled multifunctional block copolymers

Ashootosh V. Ambade, Caroline Burd, Mary Nell Higley, Kamlesh P. Nair, Marcus Weck

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We report the synthesis of telechelic poly(norbornene) and poly-(cyclooctene) homopolymers by ringopening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) and their subsequent functionalization and block copolymer formation based on noncovalent interactions.Whereas all the poly(norbornene)s contain either a metal complex or a hydrogen-bonding moiety along the polymer side-chains, together with a single hydrogen-bonding-based molecular recognition moiety at one terminal end of the polymer chain. These homopolymers allow for the formation of side-chain-functionalized AB and ABA block copolymers through selfassembly. The orthogonal natures of all side-and main-chain self-assembly events were demonstrated by 1H NMR spectroscopy and isothermal titration calorimetry. The resulting fully functionalized block copolymers are the first copolymers combining both sideand main-chain self-assembly, thereby providing a high degree of control over copolymer functionalization and architecture and bringing synthetic materials one step closer to the dynamic self-assembly structures found in nature.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)11904-11911
Number of pages8
JournalChemistry - A European Journal
Issue number44
StatePublished - 2009


  • Block copolymers
  • Hydrogen bonds
  • Metal coordination
  • Self-assembly
  • Supramolecular chemistry

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  • Catalysis
  • Organic Chemistry


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