Outer negation of universal quantifier phrases

Chris Collins

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    This paper discusses two ways of negating DP quantifier phrases. In one way, NEG modifies the quantifier D directly with the structure [[NEG D] NP] (inner negation). In the other way, NEG modifies the whole DP with the structure [NEG DP] (outer negation). I give evidence based on negative polarity items that negated universal quantifier phrases like not every student involve outer negation (contra Hoeksema in Linguist Anal 16:25–40, 1986; in: ESCOL ’87, pp 100–113, 1987).

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    JournalLinguistics and Philosophy
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - Jun 1 2020


    • Exceptive phrases
    • Negation
    • Quantifiers
    • Weak NPIs

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