Outreach to K-12 teachers: Workshop in instrumentation, sensors, and engineering

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During the summer of 2007, The Workshop in Instrumentation, Sensors, and Engineering (WISE) introduced 20 middle and high school teachers to hands-on engineering design in an intensive 2-week residential workshop at Polytechnic University. Teachers were introduced to sensors, instrumentation, and engineering in a planned and integrated learning environment. Guided training consisting of lectures, tutorials, structured engineering workshops, and discussions exposed the teachers to foundational elements of engineering through the use of sensors and computerized data acquisition, which were presented as vital tools to be used in engineering and science education and profession. By the end of the WISE project, participants completed 70 h of in-class professional development. In addition, learning continued into the evenings and weekend, as participants took part in activities that exposed them to contemporary engineering concerns and projects. These supplemental activities provided an additional 15 h of professional development. Exposure to a hands-on, technology-rich, multidisciplinary learning experience in the workshop has prepared the participating teachers to provide their students with enriched learning opportunities and stimulate them to seek higher achievement in science and mathematics. Participating teachers accorded the workshop an overall score of 8.8 (out of 10) in the project evaluation.

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JournalJournal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice
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