Photochemical Tools for Remote Control of Ion Channels in Excitable Cells

Richard H. Kramer, James J. Chambers, Dirk Trauner

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Various strategies have been developed recently for imparting light sensitivity onto normally insensitive cells. These include expression of natural photosensitive proteins, photolysis of caged agonists of native cell surface receptors and photoswitching of isomerizable tethered ligands that act on specially engineered ion channels and receptor targets. The development of chemical tools for optically stimulating or inhibiting signaling proteins has particular relevance for the nervous system, where precise, noninvasive control is an experimental and medical necessity.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)360-365
Number of pages6
JournalNature Chemical Biology
Issue number7
StatePublished - Dec 2005

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  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology


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