Popular Proverbs An Entrance to Emirati Culture

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Popular Proverbs focuses on common proverbs and their role in daily life and culture. Arabs everywhere take great pride in the Arabic language, a pride which is evident in the constant usage of proverbs in literature, the media and every-day life. Given the integral role of proverbs in Emirati life, and indeed throughout all Arab cultures, the study of such proverbs as used by Emiratis offers a unique perspective on the beliefs and values shared among all Arabs all around the world. While Popular Proverbs has been chiefly designed for learners and teachers of Arabic, providing a practical tool for incorporating Emirati culture in language teaching, it will also prove to be invaluable for anyone with a general interest in Gulf and especially Emirati societies and cultures. It is my hope that the use of this book contributes not only to improved Arabic language pedagogy but also challenges stereotypes on Gulf societies and promotes integration among all cultures and communities. By studying something as simple and common as Emirati proverbs perhaps we can raise a greater awareness of foreign cultures and learn how to interact on a more meaningful level.
Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Number of pages310
StatePublished - 2017


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