Positional cloning of ZNF217 and NABC1: Genes amplified at 20q13.2 and overexpressed in breast carcinoma

Colin Collins, Johanna M. Rommens, David Kowbel, Tony Godfrey, Minna Tanner, Soo In Hwang, Daniel Polikoff, Genevieve Nonet, Joanne Cochran, Ken Myambo, Karen E. Jay, Jeff Froula, Thomas Cloutier, Wen Lin Kuo, Paul Yaswen, Shanaz Dairkee, Jennifer Giovanola, Gordon B. Hutchinson, Jorma Isola, Olli P. KallioniemiMike Palazzolo, Chris Martin, Cheryl Ericsson, Dan Pinkel, Donna Albertson, Wu Bo Li, Joe W. Gray

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We report here the molecular cloning of an ≃1-Mb region of recurrent amplification at 20q13.2 in breast cancer and other tumors and the delineation of a 260-kb common region of amplification. Analysis of the 1-Mb region produced evidence for five genes, ZNF217, ZNF218, and NABC1, PIC1L (PIC1-like), CYP24, and a pseudogene CRP (Cyclophillin Related Pseudogene). ZNF217 and NABC1 emerged as strong candidate oncogenes and were characterized in detail. NABC1 is predicted to encode a 585-aa protein of unknown function and is overexpressed in most but not all breast cancer cell lines in which it was amplified. ZNF217 is centrally located in the 260-kb common region of amplification, transcribed in multiple normal tissues, and overexpressed in all cell lines and tumors in which it is amplified and in two in which it is not. ZNF217 is predicted to encode alternately spliced, Kruppel-like transcription factors of 1,062 and 1,108 aa, each having a DNA-binding domain (eight C2H2 zinc fingers) and a proline-rich transcription activation domain.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)8703-8708
Number of pages6
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Issue number15
StatePublished - Jul 21 1998

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