Professional attitudes toward denture adhesives: A Delphi technique survey of academic prosthodontists.

A. Slaughter, R. V. Katz, J. E. Grasso

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: The use of denture adhesives and their role in prosthodontics has been an intriguing and conflicted topic, both in clinical practice and dental education. PURPOSE: This study generated discussion, and if possible, obtained a consensus on a series of issues related to denture adhesives among a group of leading academic prosthodontists. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The Delphi Technique survey method was used. It consists of a series of survey questionnaire rounds to a panel of experts to either develop a consensus (>70% agreement) or to clarify the reasons for multiple schools of thought on a topic. A 24-item Delphi questionnaire was sent to an expert panel that consisted of a 33% regionally stratified random sample of program directors of undergraduate complete denture courses in US dental schools. The 5 major topic areas on denture adhesives addressed by the questionnaire items were (1) general perceptions, (2) specific clinical uses/misuses, (3) patient education, (4) inclusion in dental curricula, and (5) overall opinions of utility. RESULTS: Of the 18 randomly selected panelists, 94% (n = 17) agreed to participate, with either 16 or 17 fully participating in each of the 3 survey rounds. The panel achieved consensus and clearly concluded that denture adhesives: (1) are a useful adjunct in denture prosthesis services, having specific roles in both the fabrication and postinsertion phases; (2) had the potential for misuse, both by dentists and by patients; and (3) should be an integral part of patient education for all denture patients and of the undergraduate dental curriculum. However, the panel was unable to achieve consensus on whether denture adhesives should be used at the postinsertion phase for immediate denture patients and whether, on the whole, they were a beneficial adjunct in denture patient management (59% agreed they were). The panelists also clearly expressed their concerns that neither dentists nor patients should use denture adhesives as a substitute for either good clinical practices or proper denture maintenance routines. CONCLUSIONS: This panel of leading academic prosthodontists concluded that denture adhesives are a useful adjunct in denture prosthesis services, with specific roles in both fabrication and postinsertion phases. They also indicated that only through education, for dentists and patients, would the dual goals of maximizing the beneficial aspects of denture adhesive use while minimizing the misuse of denture adhesives be achieved.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)80-89
Number of pages10
JournalThe Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 1999

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