Properties of 42 solar-type Kepler targets from the asteroseismic modeling portal

T. S. Metcalfe, O. L. Creevey, G. Doʇan, S. Mathur, H. Xu, T. R. Bedding, W. J. Chaplin, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, C. Karoff, R. Trampedach, O. Benomar, B. P. Brown, D. L. Buzasi, T. L. Campante, Z. Çelik, M. S. Cunha, G. R. Davies, S. Deheuvels, A. Derekas, M. P.Di MauroR. A. García, J. A. Guzik, R. Howe, K. B. Macgregor, A. Mazumdar, J. Montalbán, M. J.P.F.G. Monteiro, D. Salabert, A. Serenelli, D. Stello, M. Stęs̈licki, M. D. Suran, M. Yildiz, C. Aksoy, Y. Elsworth, M. Gruberbauer, D. B. Guenther, Y. Lebreton, K. Molaverdikhani, D. Pricopi, R. Simoniello, T. R. White

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Recently the number of main-sequence and subgiant stars exhibiting solar-like oscillations that are resolved into individual mode frequencies has increased dramatically. While only a few such data sets were available for detailed modeling just a decade ago, the Kepler mission has produced suitable observations for hundreds of new targets. This rapid expansion in observational capacity has been accompanied by a shift in analysis and modeling strategies to yield uniform sets of derived stellar properties more quickly and easily. We use previously published asteroseismic and spectroscopic data sets to provide a uniform analysis of 42 solar-type Kepler targets from the Asteroseismic Modeling Portal. We find that fitting the individual frequencies typically doubles the precision of the asteroseismic radius, mass, and age compared to grid-based modeling of the global oscillation properties, and improves the precision of the radius and mass by about a factor of three over empirical scaling relations. We demonstrate the utility of the derived properties with several applications.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number27
JournalAstrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 1 2014


  • methods: numerical
  • stars: evolution
  • stars: interiors
  • stars: oscillations

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Space and Planetary Science


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