Psychotherapy: Methods, outcomes and future directions

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This book discusses methods, outcomes and future directions in psychotherapy. Chapter One studies phenomenological hermeneutics psychotherapy. Chapter Two provides an essential understanding of sexual issues so therapists can confidently address problems with both knowledge and strategies that help individuals and/or couples overcome sexual difficulties. Chapter Three explores the emotional needs of people with intellectual disabilities, looking at methods for identifying the issues and ways of working to enable progress to be made. Chapter Four explores the experience of the future because without a sense of the future, patients cannot move forward psychologically. The remaining chapters are dedicated to the work of Habib Davanloo, MD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at McGill University. The authors in this special section are all current or recent past members of Davanloo’s Closed-Circuit Experiential Training Workshops in Major Mobilization of the Unconscious and ISTDP, and have presented at one or more of the last several of Davanloo’s annual audio-visual symposia on the metapsychology of the unconscious. All four authors acknowledge a deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Davanloo for his generous sharing of his discoveries and insights, and his tireless teaching. The theoretical concepts presented in these chapters including the terminology such as Mobilization of the Unconscious, Transference Component of the Resistance, Complex Transference Feeling, Unconscious Therapeutic Alliance, Central Dynamic Sequence, Perpetrator of the Unconscious, Fusion of Primitive Murderous Rage with Guilt and Sexuality, Intergenerational Destructive Competitive Transference Neurosis, Uplifting the Transference Neurosis, Unlocking the Unconscious, and others, are not the authors’ own. They were developed by Dr. Davanloo by over 50 years of systematic clinical research. Each author, through their many years of involvement in Davanloo’s programs brings their own unique synthesis of his teaching. The chapters will review the historical development of Davanloo’s ideas and techniques and then will focus on his recent work in Transference Neurosis. The Experiential Training Workshops have provided a laboratory for Dr. Davanloo and the Trainees to get a unique perspective on the Metapsychology of the Unconscious, Unconscious Resistance, Fusion and the various forms of Transference Neurosis. These topics will be elucidated further. It is the hope of the authors, that by the end of this special section, the reader will have a broader understanding of Davanloo’s Metapsychology of the Unconscious and of the concept of Transference Neurosis. Further, they hope that their offerings will be useful to psychotherapist of any orientation, to short-term dynamic psychotherapists, and to Davanloo’s Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (DISTDP) therapists specifically as it applies to their most challenging cases.

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