Resonant substructure in K-++- decays of D0 mesons

J. Adler, Z. Bai, G. T. Blaylock, T. Bolton, J. C. Brient, T. E. Browder, J. S. Brown, K. O. Bunnell, M. Burchell, T. H. Burnett, R. E. Cassell, D. Coffman, V. Cook, D. H. Coward, F. Dejongh, D. E. Dorfan, J. Drinkard, G. P. Dubois, G. Eigen, K. F. EinsweilerB. I. Eisenstein, T. Freese, C. Gatto, G. Gladding, C. Grab, J. Hauser, C. A. Heusch, D. G. Hitlin, J. M. Izen, P. C. Kim, L. Köpke, J. Labs, A. Li, W. S. Lockman, U. Mallik, C. G. Matthews, A. I. Mincer, R. Mir, P. M. Mockett, B. Nemati, A. Odian, L. Parrish, R. Partridge, D. Pitman, S. A. Plaetzer, J. D. Richman, H. F.W. Sadrozinski, M. Scarlatella, T. L. Schalk, R. H. Schindler, A. Seiden, C. Simopoulos, A. L. Spadafora, I. E. Stockdale, W. Stockhausen, W. Toki, B. Tripsas, F. Villa, M. Z. Wang, S. Wasserbaech, A. Wattenberg, A. J. Weinstein, S. Weseler, H. J. Willutzki, D. Wisinski, W. J. Wisniewski, R. Xu, Y. Zhu

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    We determine the resonant substructure of D0K decays using a five-dimensional maximum-likelihood technique to extract the relative fractions and phases of the amplitudes contributing to this final state. We find that two-body decay modes account for at least 76% of all decays. We obtain branching ratios for several decay modes including B(D0K-a1+) =(9.0±0.9±1. 7)%, B(D0K»0*0)=(1.9±0.3±0.7)%, and B(D0K1(1270)) =(1.8±0.5 ±0.8)%. For the decay mode D0K»0*0, the K» *0 and 0 are found to be polarized with their spins oriented in the direction of their motion as seen from the D0 frame.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)2615-2618
    Number of pages4
    JournalPhysical Review Letters
    Issue number22
    StatePublished - 1990

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    • General Physics and Astronomy


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