Risk, reproduction, and narratives of experience

Lauren Fordyce, Amínata Maraesa, Carole H. Browner, Rayna Rapp

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    As Carole Browner explains in her foreword: "These chapters compellingly reveal that although we anthropologists tend to speak of biomedicine in hegemonic terms, in fact its penetration is quite variable and often ambivalently met. Risk, Reproduction, and Narratives of Experience sheds new light on a troubling core aspect of medicalization processes, which simultaneously render pregnant women more docile subjects even as they are impelled to actively engage with biomedicalized prenatal care regimes. We also see that a consummate means by which states seek to consolidate power in the reproductive realm is through expansion of the biomedical concept of risk. This critical observation emerges repeatedly in this collection."

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    PublisherVanderbilt University Press
    Number of pages241
    ISBN (Print)9780826518194
    StatePublished - 2012

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