Searching for the Signatures of Jet-ISM Interactions in X-ray Binaries

James Miller-Jones, Christian Kaiser, Tom Maccarone, Rob Fender, Anna Kapińska, Katherine Gunn, Dave Russell, Catherine Brocksopp, Jennifer Sokoloski, Ben Stappers, Tom Muxlow

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Jets from X-ray binaries are continuously injecting matter and energy into the surrounding interstellar medium. However, there exist to date relatively few cases where jet-ISM interactions have been directly observed. We review the current examples, and go on to present new data on the proposed hotspots of GRS 1915+105, finding no concrete evidence for any association between the hotspots and the central source, in agreement with previous findings in the literature. We also present preliminary results on radio and Hα searches for jet-ISM interactions around known X-ray binaries, and discuss strategies for future searches.


  • Interstellar medium and nebulae in external galaxies
  • X-ray binaries
  • Jets outflows and bipolar flows


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