Simple metrics for curricular analytics

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The analysis of a program curriculum is traditionally a very subjective task. Perceptions and anecdotes, faculty preferences and content or objectives check-lists are the main sources of information to undergo the revision of the structure of a program. This works proposes a list of simple metrics, that can be easily extracted from readily available academic data that contains the information about the actual interactions of students with the curriculum. These metrics, divided into time- And performance-related, are calculated at program level. The use of these metrics provides objective information in which to base discussions about the current state and efficiency of the curriculum. To exemplify the feasibility and usefulness of the metrics, this work presents some illustrative analysis that make use of the simple curriculum metrics.

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JournalCEUR Workshop Proceedings
StatePublished - 2016
Event1st Learning Analytics for Curriculum and Program Quality Improvement Workshop, PCLA 2016 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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  • Curriculum analytics
  • Learning analytics

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