Some features of SUSY breaking in N = 2 supergravity

S. Cecotti, L. Girardello, M. Porrati

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    We discuss some features of SUSY breaking in N = 2 supergravity. First, we show that in a general N = 2 Sugra model (constructed according to the tensor calculus) all stationary points of the potential, at Λ = 0, are fully supersymmetric if the compensating multiplet is not gauged. Thus a viable super-Higgs effect in N =2 supergravity can occur only in presence of a Fayet-Iliopoulos term. Then we present an explicit model with two scales of breaking in anti-de Sitter space. Moreover, the ratio of the two gravitino masses is sliding i.e. not determined by the classical potential. In the extreme situation one of the gravitino masses equals -Λ 3, and thus we have partial super-Higgs (in AdS space). The cosmological constant may be arranged to an arbitrary small value while keeping the mass of the heavy gravitino constant.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)367-371
    Number of pages5
    JournalPhysics Letters B
    Issue number5-6
    StatePublished - Feb 21 1985

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