Stability of fatigued and aged ZTA compared to 3Y-TZP and Al2O3 ceramic systems

Ernesto B. Benalcázar Jalkh, Edmara T.P. Bergamo, Tiago M.B. Campos, Everardo N.S. de Araújo-Júnior, Adolfo C.O. Lopes, Sérgio M. Tebcherani, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Luis A. Genova, Petra C. Gierthmuehlen, Lukasz Witek, Paulo Coelho, Estevam A. Bonfante

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To evaluate the effect of fatigue and aging on the crystalline content and reliability of a zirconia-toughened-alumina (ZTA) composite compared to its individual counterpart materials (3Y-TZP and Al2O3). Thirty-six disc-shaped specimens per group were obtained to comply with ISO 6872:2015. Crystalline content, microstructure and reliability of experimental groups were evaluated in four stages: 1) immediate; 2) aged; 3) fatigued; 4) aged + fatigue. Aging was performed in autoclave and Step-Stress-Accelerated-Life-Testing (SSALT) was performed using three stress profiles. Weibull statistics were used to determine Weibull parameters and life-expectancy. A significant increase in monoclinic phase in 3Y-TZP was observed after aging (19.31%), fatigue (17.88%) and aging + fatigue (55.81%), while ZTA evidenced minimal variation among all conditions (<5.69%). 3Y-TZP presented higher reliability than ZTA at 300 and 500 MPa, and ZTA outperformed Al2O3 at the same stress missions. None of the ceramics yielded acceptable reliability at 800 MPa. A higher characteristic strength was observed for 3Y-TZP, followed by ZTA and Al2O3. While after aging ZTA and Al2O3 remained stable, 3Y-TZP exhibited a significant increase in the characteristic stress. Aging did not affect the reliability of ZTA and Al2O3. 3Y-TZP demonstrated an increase in monoclinic content and characteristic strength after aging.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number105451
JournalJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
StatePublished - Nov 2022


  • Aging
  • Alumina
  • Fatigue
  • Microstructure
  • Reliability
  • Zirconia

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  • Biomaterials
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials


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