Statistical Mechanics of Jammed Matter

Hernan A. Makse, Jasna Brujic, Sam F. Edwards

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    This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction to the Concept of Jamming Jamming in Glassy Systems Jamming in Particulate Systems Unifying Concepts in Granular Matter and Glasses New Statistical Mechanics for Granular Matter Classical Statistical Mechanics Statistical Mechanics for Jammed Matter The Classical Boltzmann Equation "Boltzmann Approach" to Granular Matter Jamming with the Confocal From Micromechanics to Thermodynamics Model System Jamming in a Periodic Box Simulating Jamming Testing the Thermodynamics References.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Title of host publicationThe Physics of Granular Media
    Number of pages41
    ISBN (Electronic)9783527603626
    ISBN (Print)3527403736, 9783527403738
    StatePublished - Jun 6 2005


    • Concept of jamming
    • Jamming in a periodic box
    • Jamming with the confocal
    • New statistical mechanics for granular matter
    • Physics of granular media
    • Static properties
    • Statistical mechanics of jammed matter

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    • General Physics and Astronomy


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