Symposium review: Processing, properties and performance of composite materials

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The 2008 conference on the Materials Science and Technology has in it the symposium on the "Processing, Properties and Performance of Composite Materials" that was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last October 5-9, 2008. The symposium reviewed the progress made with the increased applications in modern structures which had a growth rate of 6% within the composite materials market. The symposium focused on the metal- and polymer-matrix composites while also discussing the cutting-edge research efforts made as well as with the future of the industry. The specific topics include: the computationally efficient multi-scale analysis of area fractions (MSAAF) technique and its application which focuses on epoxy-matrix composites that contains aluminum and nickel reinforcements; and the simulation of resin flow in a mold that contains reinforcing fabrics that will fabricate polymer-matrix composites (PMCs).

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