Teaching with Edith

Ikuko Acosta

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This essay presents an intimate portrait of Edith Kramer by the author, Ikuko Acosta, student, friend, colleague, and eventually successor to Edith’s classes as Director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program at New York University. Edith was an exceptionally strong-willed individual and an uncompromising pioneer of art therapy pedagogy. She could be intimidating, even intolerant, but with equal passion, she was empathic, supportive, and playful. Edith excelled at challenging student preconceptions and comfort zones with her unique art experientials, in the service of inculcating authentic clinical wisdom. Edith’s clinical work with children was a revelation to all, who were fortunate enough to witness it - a rare combination of dedication, wisdom, attunement, and compassion that touched the heart of every child she worked with.

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Title of host publicationThe Legacy of Edith Kramer
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2017

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