The Black School: A Radical Space for Art, Pedagogy, and Social Transformation

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In this interview-based reflective essay, Dipti Desai creates a montage of excerpts from the interview that she conducted with Joseph Cullier and Shani Peters about a socially engaged art project they founded together in New York City: The Black School. The Black School is an experimental art school teaching Black/PoC students and allies to become agents of change through art workshops on radical Black politics and public interventions that address local community needs ( By learning about Black people’s history and Black radicalism through art workshops conducted in museums, community-based organizations, community-wide events and programming, and a student-staffed art and design studio, they use the arts to transform their social realities. Desai conceptualizes the Black School as a decolonial project by remixing with her reflections on history, memory, pedagogy, art, and activism that provide glimpses of Gloria Anzaldua’s notion of concienmento and Jacqui Alexander’s pedagogies of crossing that can open spaces to move to a decolonial option in art education.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2023

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