The “Breast-4Y” web app for breast cancer prevention at young age: Development, evaluation, and validation

Ruben Martin-Payo, Claudia Leirós-Díaz, Jo Armes, Mei Rosemary Fu, Judit Cachero-Rodríguez, María del Mar Fernandez-Alvarez

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Background: Improving knowledge of risk factors, signs and symptoms positively influence an individual's intention to acquire healthy lifestyle behaviors to prevent breast cancer, to identify breast cancer risk early and seek health advice early. The aim of the present study was to develop and to assess the usability and quality of a web-app (Breast-4Y) designed specifically for younger women to improve their knowledge about breast cancer risk factors and symptoms as well as protective behaviors to reduce their risk. Methods: The development of the Breast-4Y web-app, based on Health Belief Model and the Behaviour Change Wheel, comprised four steps: i) analysis of scientific literature regarding breast cancer risk factors, symptoms and preventive lifestyle behaviors; ii) design of web-app; iii) content review by experts; iv) quality and usability assessment by the end-users (n = 20). Web-app usability was evaluated using the Spanish version of the System Usability Scale for the Assessment of Electronic Tools and the quality using the Spanish version of uMARS. Results: The contents were rated 4.25 or above, indicating high content quality. The mean usability score was 84.9 (SD 12.4), the mean rating for objective quality and subjective quality dimensions mean were 4.2 (SD 0.4) and 3.4 (0.777) respectively, indicating excellent usability and quality. Positive associations (p < .05) were observed between numbers of app used and attitudes to change (r = 0.479), and intention to change (r = 0.539). Strong positive associations (p < .001) were also observed between usability satisfaction and attitudes to change (r = 0.584), intention to change (r = 0.656), and help-seeking (r = 0.656). Conclusions: This study provided evidence that Breast-4Y has adequate contents, high quality, and usability. Breast-4Y can be tested in pragmatic trials to assess their effectiveness to reduce the risk of breast cancer, raise women's awareness of breast cancer risk factors, increase women's knowledge of breast cancer symptoms, and adopt protective lifestyle behaviors.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number100651
JournalInternet Interventions
StatePublished - Sep 2023


  • Behavior
  • Breast cancer
  • Prevention
  • Web-based interventions

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