The linker in the Khoisan languages

Chris Collins

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    The linker introduces (“links”) a variety of expressions into the verb phrase: locatives, the second object of a double object construction and a causative, instruments, subject matter arguments, and adverbs. It is present in all non-central Khoisan languages (e.g., ǂHoã, Nǀuu, Juǀ’hoan, ǃXoõ and ǀXam). The linker is also found outside of Khoisan in African languages such as Yoruba, Baoule, and Kinande. This chapter summarizes the basic properties of the linker in Khoisan.

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    Title of host publicationAfrica's Endangered Languages
    Subtitle of host publicationDocumentary and Theoretical Approaches
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    StatePublished - Jan 1 2017


    • Juǀ’hoan
    • Khoisan
    • Linker
    • Nǀuu
    • ǀXam
    • ǂHoã
    • ǃXóõ

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