The nurse workforce

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The nurse workforce-the nurses available to provide care to a group of patients or a population and the characteristics of these nurses-provides a critical context for the Quality Health Outcomes Model (QHOM). This chapter begins with a brief consideration of workforce issues within the QHOM. Two forces at the heart of workforce analysis (supply and demand) and how these forces play out in various arenas for nursing practice are discussed. This chapter does not focus on managers' decisions regarding coverage of patient care responsibilities by nursing staff and nursing personnel qualifications, which fall within the realm of staffing (see Chaps. 4 and 13). Instead, it will focus on the size and composition of the body of nurses providing care, the forces that influence this body of nurses, and how workforce parameters act as an element of context for staffing, practice environments, and nursing care delivery. The chapter concludes with discussions of ongoing and emerging trends likely to influence the nurse workforce, especially in relation to healthcare quality and safety considerations.

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  • Healthcare settings
  • Nurse workforce
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Shortages
  • Staffing ratios
  • Supply and demand

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