Theory on Gender / Feminism on Theory

Paula England (Editor)

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    "How do various social theories explain gender inequality? Are these theories infused with masculinist biases that need to be redressed with insights from feminist theory? To address these questions, this collection of original essays features prominent sociologists discussing the strengths and the limitations of the theoretical traditions within which they have worked." "Among the theoretical perspectives included are those of Marxism, world system theory, macrostructural theories, rational choice theory, neofunctionalism, psychoanalysis, ethno-methodology, expectation states theory, poststructuralist symbolic interactionism, and network theory." "Each of the chapter-length essays of the first two sections provides an overview of the theory, explains its implications for gender inequality, reviews empirical research, and comments upon sexist biases or other limitations of the perspective. The final section contains chapters on feminist debates over methodology, critical commentaries on the preceding papers by four feminist scholars, and replies by the original authors."--Jacket
    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Place of PublicationNew York
    PublisherAldine De Gruyter
    Number of pages377
    ISBN (Print)9780202304373, 0202304388, 9780202304380, 020230437X
    StatePublished - 1993

    Publication series

    NameSocial institutions and social change


    • Sekseverschillen
    • Feminism
    • Feminisme
    • Geschlechterrolle
    • Theorie
    • Théorie féministe
    • Theorieën
    • Feminismus
    • Feminist theory
    • Sociologie


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